Building Inspection & Certification

At Burk Energy Raters, our building inspection and certification services assess your project in accordance with the unique requirements of the area you are operating in. We can help you attain the legally required building certificate needed to prove your construction project’s compliance.

Energy Consulting

We help you in designing the thermal envelope of a house. Our team takes plans from the architect/home designer. Get them into the Ekotrope software. We help the builder get the system to code by considering all impactive events to the home's energy consumption.

Build Quality Inspections

We work with builders through the build process to ensure the home will be comfortable and energy-efficient inspection after everything is installed, before installation, proper framing, to get the home as airtight as possible. Our last step is the blower door test to measure the amount of air you can pull.

Residential Code Compliance

The new Compliance Energy Codes have built-in a holistic approach to making sure the home has a well rounded and evenhanded approach to energy efficiency. We help builders achieve the proper collaboration in the design to help make the home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Burk Energy Raters

Energy Codes IECC Code (+) Testing & Inspections

Municipal Code or Above Code Services

We are a third-party energy rating company. We help you meet IECC code compliance. We can also help builders upgrade the code compliance to a HERS rating, Energy Star, or a Zero Energy Ready Home. You can leverage these above code certifications to market your builds. Third-party Energy rated homes, on average, increase property values 8%.

Building Codes

Texas allows each municipality to adopt its building codes. For residential construction, this means some IECC (energy code) adoption. Minimum Code by state law: On June 16, 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1736 into Texas law. This moved the state’s single-family residential code from the 2009 code to the 2015 International Residential Code (IRC), Chapter 11.

All local jurisdictions must comply with the new code by September 1, 2016. In many cases, there is not an authority forcing compliance. However, when your client sells in the future, this paperwork may be required by a bank or inspector. Ask your lawyer if it makes sense to comply with State law as a liability shield to protect your business. We recommend you protect your business and comply using Burk Consulting or another 3rd party energy rater.

Energy Code Modeling

Ekotrope Modeling Software is an industry-standard we use for all our clients that yield a dollar and cents operating cost of the home. We can give you a good idea of the cost to run a home year/year in the heating, cooling lighting, hot water, etc. of your home's needs.


Process of ensuring all the mechanical systems are working properly in a commercial build. Using Duct Leakage test, Moisture Meters, Blower Door testing & Balometer testing, among other tests. Infrared Thermographer testing is available as well.

Burk Energy Raters


We work on current owned homes to research issues to make recommendations to builders to assist with fixes. We assist builders without spec home build to assist with recommendations on mitigation and fixes. Load Calculations & Measurements into these systems to assess underperforming systems.


Would your clients like to know the energy costs of their home as you have designed it? We can help you provide this service as a certified third-party energy rater. We also ensure the project meets or exceeds IECC (International Energy Conservation Code).